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"While You Were Sleeping"

They say you have your whole life to write and create your first project. I found this especially true....all the experiences, heartbreaks, and lessons I've learned along the way, were combined to the give you my first collection of work: While You Were Sleeping. I get asked a lot why I named the project what it is, and for me it was a double entendre. I felt like the world and many of my peers alike, where "sleeping" on my skills and creativity. I also felt this album touched on many of my past relationships and failures in lust, so for me this project was a sonic therapeutic release to get out all my thoughts. In a sense (WYWS) served as an open letter on the nightstand, purposely left,"While You Were Sleeping." I hope you guys enjoyed this album as much as I enjoyed creating it. It was a long journey and frustating one at that. My whole team (199X) pushed me and we were able to present you my life story up until that point. Anyways, AURORA is on the way soon, so stay on the lookout for that!

Until next time,


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