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Welcome to AURORA

I haven't really got around to updating this blog in a minute and I promised I would breakdown the EP....or well explain the thought process. I got around to dreaming up the title and idea of AURORA after I finished piecing together "WYWS". You ever have a word that you see constantly everywhere? Bus stops, billboards, textbooks. I couldn't escape the word AURORA! When I first heard the word it reminded me of an ever-changing abyss musically and that essentially laid the guideline of how I'd attack this EP. When it comes to my artistry I like to blend many different styles and flows together to have listeners on the edge of their seat from track-to-track. The Symphony opener was created to welcome the mind to an ever-changing abyss like I mentioned earlier. Body, was a feel good song that keeps close to my R&B roots with my bro Reem. Bliss / Delusion (probably my favorite track) exemplified the double edge sword that is love. Entering any kind of relationship, I expect the worst and hope for the best. Sometimes it's as if I'm waking up from dream....or nightmare. I actually really hated Selfless when I was recording it (lol). It was something new but this whole EP was about variety, so I kept it on. The song is about two people who believe they're doing the right thing by allowing their partner to see who they want during a breakup but in the end they're committing selfish acts. Lastly, Endless personified who I am as an artist. With every project from me you'll receive a floetry joint inspired by my favorite movie Love Jones. In the end, I just hope you enjoyed this project as much as I enjoyed creating it.


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